About Us


No one could have guessed that the placid expanse of seaside grassland in rustic Barrio Uacon of Candelaria would someday turn out to be the pride of Zambalenos. Dawal Beach Resort and Restaurant was initially conceived as a private summer retreat for the family. Guests, however, simply could not help but notice the potential of the place as a tourist destination. Several beach huts and a few rooms were constructed upon suggestions.

The beach resort promptly gained the continued patronage of pleased clients. Yielding to the rapid rise in demand and popularity, the resort expanded its amenities to cater to a now larger and more discriminating clientele. The typical rooms-for-rent were soon replaced with deluxe units. The resort hotel presently boasts of function rooms, dormitories and a penthouse. Apart from sports and recreational facilities, a pavilion bar and restaurant and an adjacent outdoor music lounge complete the lot. A large swimming pool with water slides and a kiddie pool recently added another feather to the cap of Dawal Beach Resort. And where the modest beach huts used to stand, regal gazebos now mark the place where Dawal continues to awe its guests from all over the world.

Experience rebirth. Experience Dawal.

About Us

“Dawal” is taken from the name of Mr. Pascual “Dawal” Climaco Magsalin as a homage to a great father who, in spite of extreme poverty and being orphaned at the age of six, endeavored and worked as an agricultural helper, mason, horticulturist and ambulant vendor to raise and educate his eight chidren with Mrs. Francisca Cabalquinto Magsalin until they all became successful in their chosen professions. As a tribute to a noble father, this resort is wholeheartedly dedicated by his son, Atty. Buenaventura “Tuy” Magsalin.

Only a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, Dawal is a sanctuary where you can savor the joys of la dolce vita. Let the magnificent mountains of the North, the serene seascape, and the spectacular sunset take your breath away.